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What types of trout do you have at the fishery?

About 88 – 90% rainbow trout, the rest are Brown & Blue Trout. There is now no “closed” season for brown trout so they are stocked throughout the year.

What size are the fish typically?

The average weight is approximately 3lbs-4lbs.Numerous fish in the 3lb to 6lb class are caught every season. However, there are a number of larger fish weighing up to around 12lbs.

Which flies are catching trout at the moment?

We do find that the popular flies at the fishery include Montana, Cats Whisker, Goldhead variants, Green Grizzly Beetle and the locally famous Coopers Yellow.

Can I buy / hire tackle?

We have a well stocked fly box with a comprehensive selection and leaders. We also provide rod, net and tackle hire for £12.

Do you allow catch and release fly fishing?

Yes we do. See Permit Prices.

Is there a limit to the number of fish I can catch?

A maximum of 10 fish may be caught on any permit sold.

What are the permit prices?

See Permit Prices.

Can I use lures?

Yes, you may but only in the Main Lake, Lake 3.

Do I need a rod licence?

Yes. You need a rod licence for all freshwater fishing in England and Wales – this is the law and it is policed by the Environment Agency. We do not inspect licences but an Inspector from the Environment Agency could turn up at any time and the fine for fishing without a licence is over £1,000 (you may also lose all your fishing tackle). Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Rod Licences can be purchased from any Post Office. The local Post Office in Tenterden is at Gateway Library on the High Street.  Rod licences are also available online.

Can I have a look around?

If you would like to  come and have a look at the fishery before coming to fish you are very welcome to do so.

What are your opening times.

Open 8:20am, close at sunset.

What about  food / drinks etc?

Tea and Coffee are free in our comfortable Fishing Lodge. We do not provide food so please bring your own. Tenterden has numerous shops nearby where you can buy food for a picnic, or we have many fine local pubs.

Can I bring a non-fishing friend or family with me?

Yes, however please ensure children are supervised and do not disturb the peaceful setting.

What parking facilities are there?

There is a Car Park on the left hand side half way down the driveway (clearly signed). Your car will be secure, but you park at your own risk. Please do not leave valuables unattended in your vehicle.

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