June has been a challenging month for fishing at Tenterden with the warmer weather now in full swing and that's not unusual for this time of year and naturally the Trout are more illusive. However, now we have moved into July the fishing this week has picked up with some quality Rainbows being caught in the 5-6lbs range and putting up a good fight. There is definitely more activity maybe due to the rainfall, and the Trout have been 10ft down and taking red buzzers, the lakes are well stocked. We would suggest an intermediate or floating line with sink tip and move around all the lakes every 40 minutes. A catch/release permit would probably be best at this time of year, but it's your choice of course, I know they are all in there!

I can report that May has been a great time to fish at Tenterden and it was the month for catching Blues as you will see from the report below. We have had a good first half of the season so far and fishing has been steady right through at Tenterden. We take pride in stocking fine, hard fighting Blues & Rainbows and they give our Anglers some real excitement.

Ian McKenzie caught his 8lbs Blue on a Humungus on Lake 3. Tony Harrison, who has fished with us for 30 years, had the fight of his life (45mins and the fish took him to his backing) and he finally brought in a 9lbs 12oz Blue caught on my Father's Damsel that he gave him back in the day. Pretty special all round! Mark Inglis had a great bag of 4 fish on May Bank Holiday the largest weighing 6lbs 4oz and a quality Blue too. Click on the Instagram link below to view our latest photos.

Now the evenings are drawing out remember our evening permit which starts at 5pm and you can fish until sunset if you want to fish on the evening rise - it's always a good time to be fishing here.

Polite Notice: We will no longer be accepting old £20 notes. Thank you.

Popular patterns: Goldhead Green/Black Montana, Goldhead Daddys, Red Buzzer, Damsels, Cats Whisker.

I am delighted to report that our Kingfisher has returned - what a beauty, I saw him recently fishing in Dad's ornamental pond which was a sight to behold and many other visitors to the Fishery have seen him too. He lives on Lake 2 in the bank.

3 Lakes comprising 5.5 acres of water are well stocked with hard fighting Rainbows, Browns & Blues and they fight well which adds to the fun at Tenterden.

We have stocked some larger 8lbs Blues together with the usual varying weights of Rainbows between 3-8lbs, so the challenge is on! We have some beautiful Brownies in Lake 3 and we kindly ask you to return them to the water. Thank you.

We close on the 25 July as we usually do, for some family downtime on the farm, when we know it's not a good time to fish. So now is the time get your fishing booked in before this date and take advantage of the good weather too.

Fishing Tuition is available with Richard Stokes, our Instructor - please see our Tuition Page for further details. Please click on Richard's email address which puts you in direct contact if this is of interest.

Summer Closing

We will be closed all day from the 25 July and we will re-open at 8.20am on 26 August 2022

Catch Reports: Catches of the Season 2022:

13 January - Mick Collins 6lbs 7oz - Rainbow - Lake 3 on Black Lure

21 February -Scottie Roberts -3lbs 6oz Blue - Lake 3 on Bloodworm

23 February - Gary Jones - 6lbs 13oz - Rainbow - Lake 3 on Black Damsel

9 March - Louis - 10lbs+ Lake 3 - Green/Black Lure

16 March - John Madden - 10lbs - Lake 3 - Black Lure

19 March - Steve Collins - 9lbs PB - Lake 3 - Black Lure

18 April - Mark Inglis - 7lbs 70z Blue - Lake 3 - Daddy

7 May - Tony Harrison - 9lbs 12oz Blue - Lake 3 - Damsel

8 May - Ian McKenzie - 8lbs Blue - Lake 3 - Humungus

We shall limit numbers to 12 at any one time so that our Anglers have plenty of space in which to fish. This works works well for all.

PARKING & PERMITS AT THE FISHERY - The Fishery Car Park is on the left hand side of the drive way, clearly signposted. Tackle up in there and then have a look at our Fishery Lodge on the right as you walk down the driveway, its our Social Hub for Anglers and Shepherds Hut guests. There is a sign at the bottom of the driveway which informs you of where to find and purchase your permit.

We shall post your permits at the farmhouse front door, on the permit board, in a white envelope with your name on, please put the exact cash inside this envelope and post it through the letterbox. We thank you for your support with this simple process. We don't take card payments because the signal is terrible here.

We prefer telephone bookings but email is fine too or 01580 763201. If we don't answer please leave a message and we will get back to you if you leave your name and number. If you have booked and need to cancel please can you let us know so that someone else can take up your place. Thank you.

We hire out rods/nets/tackle - please make sure you book them out. £12 per person per day.

Any damage will have to be paid for - please take care of it. Thank you.

Our reception times are 8.20am, 2pm, 5pm. End of play: Sunset

We would like you to keep to these timings it helps with the rotation of our Anglers. Thank you.

Polite Notice: Please would all Anglers refrain from using their mobile phones when they are fishing. Many of our Anglers are seeking peace and quiet and don't want this distraction. Thank you.

Stay & Fish: We opened our Shepherds Hut (The Ghillies Hut) in 2020 for accommodation at our Fishery so you can come and stay and fish and I am delighted to say that it has been very well received reading the reviews. Our Hut can accommodate 1-2 people and is set in our fields, where our Romney Sheep graze, with spectacular views, through the valley, over our Lakes up to St. Mildred's Church in Tenterden. A truly beautiful setting. The Ghillies Hut is off grid, with no TV/Broadband, we want you to enjoy the nature that will surround you. For more information/bookings - please visit the Shepherds Hut heading on our website and click on "Availability & Booking" which provides a direct link to Airbnb. We are offering 20% off all fishing permits if you are staying in the Hut. It's a minimum 2 night stay but if you only wanted to stay one night then please contact Gaynor by clicking on the email below.

Are you looking for a fly fishing permit gift or fly fishing tuition experience for someone special? We offer gift vouchers which can be purchased by bank transfer, cash or cheque and sent by email or post. Call or email to make your purchase.

We welcome you to our friendly, family run, fishery where you can relax and enjoy yourself in safe and picturesque surroundings this Summer.

With best wishes, Gaynor, Richard, Ali, Emma, & Audrey.


Boris our 9.5lbs trophy Brownie remains the challenge for 2022. Several Anglers have had the excitement of having him on the end of their line but he has broken them every time. When someone does land him they will need to validate the catch with a photo and be rewarded with a bottle of your choice.

We have a super Fishing Lodge and we hope you will enjoy this relaxing social hub with kitchen and toilet facilities situated in an elevated position on the side of Lake 1. It has its own verandah for sitting out and enjoying the weather overlooking the Lake for some relaxing downtime. The Lodge provides a great space for our Anglers to have lunch/tea over a cup of tea/coffee with our compliments.  It will add a positive experience to your fishing here at Tenterden and encourage family and friends to come along too. There are some recent photos in the Gallery. If you would like to hire out our Lodge between 7pm & 10.30pm please contact Gaynor.

We are delighted to have been voted into the Top 50 of the Top 100 Stillwater Trout Fisheries in the British Isles by the judges at Trout & Salmon and we remain a Trout Master Fishery. 

Are you looking to learn a new skill in 2022? Then please look at our Tuition Page and book a lesson with Richard Stokes, our Instructor. This also makes for a great gift experience and can be purchased as a Gift Voucher.

We are very pleased to announce that the Fishery/Farm has become a Wedding Venue (when the Fishery is closed in Summer) and we have been given approval by Kent County Council for Civil Marriages & Partnerships here from 2023 onwards with exclusive use for weddings in July and August. We are currently taking bookings for 2022-2024 – please see our Wedding Venue Heading on this website for further information. We also work with Farm Locations as a film shoot. 

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